What’s does it cost to get a Private Pilot License?

This varies by person.
It takes a minimum of 40 hours of flying and at least 20 hours of instruction.  60-70 hours in not uncommon to finish.  

Using round numbers, the instruction and flight time come to $8500. I usually round this number to $9000 to account for going over the minimums and to include testing costs.

60*$115/hr = $6,900
30*$75 = $2,250

We HIGHLY recommend having most of this amount saved or planned for to avoid stopping and starting your training. 

Do I need renters insurance?

You don’t need renter’s insurance to cover the aircraft. The club pays that expense on behalf of the members. 

How do I pay my bill?

You will register a credit card on PayPal. The club will clear your balance of dues and flying once a month. Instructors are not employed by the club and are paid directly by the student.

When can I meet someone?

The club operates as a not-for-profit business. You should call or email to arrange a meeting.